What Is the Pinhole Surgical Technique™?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ (PST™), also known as Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™, is a contemporary, minimally-invasive procedure that can reposition your receding gumlines. At Austin Dental Spa, we may recommend you undergo this periodontal treatment if you show signs of gum recession during a physical oral examination.

To prepare for the PST™ procedure, our dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth and numb your gum tissue with a local anesthesia. Next, they’ll make a slight hole above your receding gums through which they’ll insert a small instrument and loosen gum tissues from the underlying bone. Our dentist will then carefully pull the loosened gum tissue down into proper position over the exposed tooth root before using collagen strips to ensure the new gumline stays in place.

Many of our patients appreciate how quickly PST™ can improve the look and health of their gums. Since the procedure does not require surgery, your gums are less likely to bleed or get swollen. Additionally, the procedure is practically pain free and often has a short recovery time.

Please contact Austin Dental Spa if you think you are a possible candidate for this procedure. We can determine if PST™ is an appropriate treatment for you during a consultation.