The Office at Austin Dental Spa

DR. MARK SWEENEY: My goal in building Austin Dental Spa was from the moment somebody walks in the front door that they realize this is not your typical dental office. The chairs, the whole reception area is done like your living room; soft Italian leather chairs, a comfortable sofa, rocking music. We have upbeat music playing fairly loudly through the office. We have different zones that we can turn the music up or down depending on the patients preferences. It’s a fun place to work. We all like it and most all of our patients do as well.

First time here we offer all our patients a bottle of water when they first walk in. A lot of people get a little bit dry in the mouth when they’re coming to a dentist for the first time and then the next most important thing we do is take you on a tour of our office. It’s a fairly large facility and we want to take some of the fear out of your dental office. Most people have never really thought of taking a tour of their dental office, but we walk each patient through the office, show them where the different parts of the office are and just show them what it is that we’re all about.

We’ve got dozens of pictures on the wall, not only the medal winners from the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, but other patients that are just what you call your everyday dental patients that decided they wanted to have a smile makeover done and we’ve got 8X10 glossy photos of these patients all around the office. And so I think what it helps people understand is that we are a general dental office that’s skilled in all the different phases of general dentistry, but we love cosmetic dentistry. We love to change people’s smiles.