Austin Dentist on the Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Austin dentist discusses the many advantages of laser dentistry.

Mark Sweeney, DDS of Austin Dental Spa discusses the benefits of laser dentistry, which he employs to perform periodontal treatments, fillings, and more. Austin, TX – Dr. Mark Sweeney, a cosmetic dentist in Austin, believes it is essential for any oral health professional to keep up with the latest technological advances. In his experience, one of the most groundbreaking examples of modern dentistry is the incorporation of a laser into various treatments. “The use of lasers has revolutionized the industry […]

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Austin Dentist Highlights Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Dental Anxiety

Austin cosmetic dentist describes three sedation dentistry techniques for combating dental phobia.

  Dr. Mark Sweeney, a cosmetic dentist at Austin Dental Spa, explains the advantages of sedation dentistry, which can help relax patients who are afraid of the dentist. Austin, TX – As an Austin cosmetic dentist with over four decades in practice, Dr. Mark Sweeney has encountered numerous patients who suffer from dental anxiety. In fact, this condition affects approximately 30 million Americans at varying levels of severity. “The term ‘dental anxiety’ can describe any amount of fear that makes […]

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Austin Cosmetic Dentist Explores the Difference Between Full Mouth Rehabilitation and a Smile Makeover

Dr Mark Sweeney Repairs Smile with Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Smile Makeover

Dr. Mark Sweeney, a renowned Austin-based cosmetic dentist, describes the treatment process behind full mouth rehabilitation and a Smile Makeover, outlining which factors make patients a good candidate for either treatment. Austin, TX — When it comes to a person’s dental health and oral hygiene, it can be easy for small problems in the mouth to snowball into more severe and debilitating concerns. Left untreated, it’s not uncommon for relatively minor issues like a cavity or early signs of gum […]

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How Bad Is Vaping For My Teeth?

Although vaping is considered by some to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes, research shows that these electronic cigarettes can still cause a variety of health issues, including to the mouth. In addition to the toxic ingredients often used in vape products, the heated vapor produced by e-cigarettes has been found to change the type of bacteria that grows in the mouth, creating more concern about the dangers of vaping. For those who regularly smoke — whether with vape pens, […]

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Austin Dentist Offers Tips on How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Sweeney explains how patients can choose the right cosmetic dentist through basic research and planning.

Dr. Mark Sweeney of Austin Dental Spa details how prospective patients can ensure they are choosing the right cosmetic dentist. Austin, TX — Finding the right cosmetic dentist can prove to be a difficult process for many prospective patients. Ensuring the cosmetic dentist is experienced, properly trained, and trustworthy are all important factors to consider, says Dr. Mark Sweeney, a cosmetic dentist in Austin. Dr. Sweeney admits that finding the right dentist, let alone a cosmetic dentist, can be an […]

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How Poor Oral Health Can Cause Weight Gain

On the surface, your oral health and your weight may not seem very connected. However, there are some correlations between poor oral health and weight gain. Your health can come under siege if certain types of bacteria found in the mouth travel to other parts of the body. Among these various health concerns is unintended weight gain. Austin Dental Spa provides a slew of services including laser dentistry and advanced periodontal care, two services that can go a long way […]

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Improve Your Life With the Right Dentist

At Austin Dental Spa, our cosmetic dentist, Mark Sweeney, DDS, believes in treating patients by looking at the whole oral systemic connection – that is, the concept that oral health is a key part of overall health. Dr. Sweeney has over 40 years of experience performing a variety of cosmetic treatments, restorative procedures, and beyond. His recent video discusses some of the most-life changing oral health treatments available at Austin Dental Spa. With his superior skill and compassionate chairside manner, […]

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How Your Oral Health Can Impact Memory Loss

As part of Austin Dental Spa’s video series, Dr. Mark Sweeney provides another educational session focused on the link between oral health and memory loss. During the video segment, Dr. Sweeney talks about how the connection between your mouth and memory can impact overall brain function. The first link he explains is the act of chewing. Referencing a study, Dr. Sweeney says nerves beneath your tooth are connected to the brain and can help stimulate neural activity. If someone has […]

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Pros & Cons of a Smile Makeover

Dr. Mark Sweeney, Austin Dental Spa’s devoted cosmetic dentist, has performed countless successful smile makeovers. Often considered the cosmetic counterpart of a full mouth rehabilitation, a smile makeover aims to correct a number of aesthetic dental concerns at once. Patients usually choose two or more cosmetic and/or restorative treatments to incorporate into their makeover. The result is typically a comprehensive enhancement of the overall mouth, often manifesting as a straighter, brighter smile. That being said, is a smile makeover the […]

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3 Ways Your Dentist Can Improve Your Life

At Austin Dental Spa, Dr. Mark Sweeney truly believes that dentistry can go a long way in improving the lives of patients. As part of Dr. Sweeney’s ongoing video series, he recently provided an entry that details three ways your dentistry can improve your life. Those three ways included using Zoom!® teeth whitening, single-visit dental crowns by CEREC®, and a smile design or smile makeover. Continue reading to learn how those three techniques can improve your life. Zoom! Advanced Power: […]

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