The term “gummy smile” is often characterized by an excess of gum tissue along the teeth, making them appear too short along the gumline. This can ultimately have an effect on the entire appearance of your smile, and for many people, is the cause of some degree of self-consciousness with the way they look. Fortunately, there are advanced periodontal procedures that can reshape the gums with terrific results. At Austin Dental Spa, we often utilize laser dentistry for our gum recontouring and reshaping treatments, giving us the ability to provide patients with a precise, virtually pain-free procedure.

The Benefits of Gum Lifting

With a gum lift, our experienced cosmetic dentist can remove the excess gum tissue that’s causing a “gummy smile” and enhance the appearance of your teeth. Since we are able to “trim” the gums with laser technology, the entire treatment process can often be accomplished in a single visit, with a reduced risk of excess bleeding or infection. Plus, laser gum lifting is known for its precision and accuracy, in addition to the fact that it is virtually painless.

The Laser Gum Lifting Procedure

First, our dentist will evaluate your gums and create a treatment plan designed to recontour the gums with results that will provide improved proportions and symmetry along your teeth. A state-of-the-art Waterlase® MD laser will then be gently guided along the gums, trimming away excess tissue and precisely reshaping the gums. The entire procedure typically takes about an hour or less to complete, and there is usually no recovery time necessary.

The BOTOX® Cosmetic Alternative

If you wish to reduce the amount of gum seen without undergoing more invasive procedures, BOTOX® Cosmetic can be a great, inexpensive alternative. Instead of raising your gums, Dr. Sweeney is certified to administer BOTOX® injections in your lip, which reduces the appearance of excess gum tissue. By eliminating the excessive muscle pull, your upper lip does not raise as high, and BOTOX® injections can give you the smile you desire. The procedure typically takes only about 15 minutes to complete. Results can be seen as soon as three to four days after the procedure and continue to occur over the next few months.

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