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Sedation Dentistry

Many of our patients who have fears of the dentist or dental anxiety feel that they suffer alone. In reality, between 30 and 40 million Americans put off or cancel trips to the dentist as a result of dental phobia. Dental anxiety can stem from a negative experience in the past, a fear of needles, or nervousness triggered by the smells in a doctor’s office. If you get sweaty palms at the mere mention of dental treatment, do not lose hope: you are not alone, and we have a number of sedation dentistry solutions for you here at Austin Dental Spa. From moderate nitrous oxide, to safely prescribed sedation dentistry and I.V. sedation, our Central Texas patients have a wide range of anxiety-reducing options.

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Safe Solutions with Dr. Mark Sweeney

The calming environment and friendly team at Austin Dental Spa help put our patients immediately at ease. In fact, Dr. Mark Sweeney is especially well-known for his easygoing demeanor and calming chairside manner, which helps even the most anxious patients feel comfortable and confident in the care they will receive.

However, we understand that many people suffer from dental anxiety, which can make any visit to the dentist’s office nerve-wracking. For our patients who feel nervous or uneasy, we have a number of safe and effective sedation dentistry options available at Austin Dental Spa to help them relax.

Oral-Conscious Sedation Dentistry

The next level of sedation, known as oral-conscious sedation, has become increasingly popular. Commonly referred to as sedation, or “sleep” dentistry, this method involves the administration of prescription medications to our patients just before treatment. Oral sedation dentistry at Austin Dental Spa enables our Central Texas patients to reach a deeper state of sedation than is possible with nitrous oxide, allowing them to remain conscious yet anxiety-free. When we employ this method, our patients are often able to undergo multiple treatments or procedures in one visit. Sedation dentistry makes smile makeovers and other cosmetic enhancements and restorative dentistry procedures much more comfortable and convenient, and it also saves our patients time by reducing the number of visits they must make to our office.

Nitrous Oxide
I.V. Sedation

Nitrous Oxide

Many of our patients feel sufficiently calmed when we administer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is a great way for our patients to unwind during treatment, and when it is properly administered, the effects wear off quickly enough that the patient can drive him- or herself home.

I.V. Sedation

Sometimes, patients require more sedation to remain comfortable during treatment. We have excellent working relationships with local, highly respected dental anesthesiologists who can administer I.V. or general sedation to ensure a worry-free experience. Contact us to learn more about I.V. sedation dentistry at Austin Dental Spa, serving patients from throughout Central Texas and across the world.

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