Austin Dental Spa Team

Your Dental Health

My name is Candace Gifford and I am a hygienist at Austin Dental Spa, and my job is to take care of the patient’s dental health. And two ways that we do that, we have two tests that we are able to do now where we can test for bacteria that are in the patient’s mouth. There’s 13 different bacteria that cause periodontal disease and we can now test for them so we can customize the patient’s treatment needs to […]

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Working alongside Dr. Sweeney

EMILY: Hi, my name is Emily and I work on the Administrative team at the front desk here at Austin Dental Spa. And I’ve been here since 2003. I started part time and have gone full time, and never really left. Working with Dr. Mark is really unlike working with any other dentist. He’s not the typical dictator dentist and running around telling everybody what to do. We are very much able to voice our opinions and bring our ideas […]

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Our Dentist-Dr. Mark Sweeney

DR. MARK SWEENEY: I graduated from Dental School in 1979 with the confidence that a company’s gross ignorance, I moved back to Austin, the greatest city in the world, the center of the universe as far as I’m concerned, and started my own practice. I had no idea what I was getting into, what dentistry was all about, but I knew that I loved people and I loved Austin, and little by little, one year at a time, my practice […]

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