Working alongside Dr. Sweeney

EMILY: Hi, my name is Emily and I work on the Administrative team at the front desk here at Austin Dental Spa. And I’ve been here since 2003. I started part time and have gone full time, and never really left. Working with Dr. Mark is really unlike working with any other dentist. He’s not the typical dictator dentist and running around telling everybody what to do. We are very much able to voice our opinions and bring our ideas to the table.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our practices and better serve our patients, and we’re all striving towards that same goal and really function as a family even more so than as a team. And Dr. Sweeney is really just our leader. The patients love Dr. Sweeney. He is so funny and he’s always telling these bad jokes that all the patients know about and they even say, you know they make comments about you know what bad joke am I going to hear today. There always really cheesy.

So they really love him and he really cares about each and every patient and their comfort level. And our patients want to come here. It’s not the average dental office. Most people dread going to the dental office and think it’s scary and our patients like to come see us. We take good care of them and Dr. Sweeney treats them really well and they all just love him. We get lots of referrals from all of our patients that we know that they’re going out there and talking about him to their friends.