Dental Treatment Plans Austin Dental Spa

TAMMY: Hi, I’m Tammy and I’m the Treatment Coordinator here at Austin Dental Spa. And I work side by side with Dr. Mark in coordinating treatment plans for our patients. When a patient first comes into our office, we give them a full tour of our office so they can feel comfortable knowing where everything is and what we’re all about. Then we sit down in the consultation room and we have an interview with the patient. We get to know them a little bit better, what their wants and needs are, and things that they don’t like and some experiences that they’ve had in dentistry and what we can do to best serve them.

We also give them some information about treatment options available in our office so that they know exactly what we have to offer. And then we go into a treatment room and we take a full complete set of records. We take a full series of x-rays and we take eight digital photos of their mouth and different positions and views. And that allows us to put that on the screen, talk to them a little bit more one on one about things that we notice and things that they notice that they’d like to improve.

Then Dr. Mark comes in and we have a full complete examination by him. And he gets to know the patient and talks to them about treatment needs, but also about their own personal lives and stories and things. He really wants to get to know them on a personal level as well.

And then the patient will come back for a second appointment where we will go over a treatment plan that we have in writing for them that shows them how many visits they would have to have and what the fees are for that. And then we go over our financial options in our office. And then at that point the patient is free to schedule at that time or if they need to take their treatment plan home and kind of mull it over a little bit, then they’re free to give us a call back to schedule when they’re ready.