Sedation Dentistry

Austin Dentist Highlights Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Dental Anxiety

Austin cosmetic dentist describes three sedation dentistry techniques for combating dental phobia.

  Dr. Mark Sweeney, a cosmetic dentist at Austin Dental Spa, explains the advantages of sedation dentistry, which can help relax patients who are afraid of the dentist. Austin, TX – As an Austin cosmetic dentist with over four decades in practice, Dr. Mark Sweeney has encountered numerous patients who suffer from dental anxiety. In fact, this condition affects approximately 30 million Americans at varying levels of severity. “The term ‘dental anxiety’ can describe any amount of fear that makes […]

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Dentistry While You Sleep

DR. MARK SWEENEY: Our final level of dealing with dental phobic patients is the dental anesthesiologist. We’re blessed in Austin to have two of them that will come to the office. Both of them are dentist and licensed dental anesthesiologists. So they’re able to utilize IV sedation just like the oral surgeons would do if they were taking wisdom teeth out and both of them are also able to take it a level beyond that if need be which is […]

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Oral Conscious Sedation

DR. MARK SWEENEY: A patient undergoing oral conscious sedation usually we give them enough medication that they’re able to take one the night before the appointment so they get a good night’s sleep. We usually schedule these appointments first thing in the morning, have the patient take another tablet an hour before their visit. If they follow that regimen, usually by the time they’re getting here, their significant other or spouse is having to help them get in the front […]

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Dental Phobias

DR. MARK SWEENEY: Thirty years ago in dental schools they taught us that 50% of the adult population in the United States never goes to a dentist unless they have a crisis event like a toothache that kept them up all night. I never understood that until the internet came along. It’s been a boom to my fearful patients many of whom were so fearful that they couldn’t even bring themselves to call and make an appointment and now they’re […]

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