Austin Dentist on the Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Austin dentist discusses the many advantages of laser dentistry.Mark Sweeney, DDS of Austin Dental Spa discusses the benefits of laser dentistry, which he employs to perform periodontal treatments, fillings, and more.

Austin, TX – Dr. Mark Sweeney, a cosmetic dentist in Austin, believes it is essential for any oral health professional to keep up with the latest technological advances. In his experience, one of the most groundbreaking examples of modern dentistry is the incorporation of a laser into various treatments. “The use of lasers has revolutionized the industry in many ways,” says Dr. Sweeney, adding that he has used laser techniques at his practice since they were first popularized.  

At Austin Dental Spa, Dr. Sweeney and his team primarily use the Waterlase® MD Laser Dentistry system, a product of the world-renowned manufacturer BIOLASE®. This efficient laser can be employed to treat gum disease, remove decay from the teeth, and even perform cosmetic procedures, such as a gum lift. “We can also use lasers to perform other treatments, such as deep cleanings,” he adds.

According to Dr. Sweeney, the benefits of laser dentistry are virtually limitless – especially when the treatment is in the hands of a qualified provider. Below, patients can find a brief summary of what Dr. Sweeney considers to be the greatest advantages of laser dentistry. 

To conclude, Dr. Sweeney states that he is excited about future developments in laser dentistry. “New lasers come onto the market every year,” he says, “and by using them, my team and I hope to continue to improve our patients’ experience in every way.”

About Mark Sweeney, DDS
Dr. Mark Sweeney has been a leader among Austin dentists for nearly 45 years. A member of numerous prestigious organizations – such as the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics – Dr. Sweeney is the recipient of several accolades, including Austin American-Statesman’s “Best Dentist” award. In addition to the general, preventive, and restorative treatments he offers at Austin Dental Spa, Dr. Sweeney is known for his artistic eye, and is especially passionate about creating beautiful smiles for his patients with cosmetic procedures. He is available for interview upon request. 

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