Cosmetic Dentistry can Enhance Your Facial Appearance

Cosmetic dentistry can be a refreshing change in more ways than one. In fact, the results of certain cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as, dental veneers, may provide a mini lower face lift for a more youthful appearance.  Too, you and your dentist will want to consider your overall facial appearance when selecting the right shade for your teeth because this can play a role in your overall youthful appearance.

Whether you are interested in tooth whitening, dental bonding, dental veneers or dental implants, cosmetic dentists have a full pallet of white shades to select from when deciding the right shade for your new teeth.  So, when visiting your cosmetic dentist for a consultation about cosmetic dentistry, you may want your face and hair to be “full dressed” in a beautiful, youthful appearance for proper matching to your new teeth.

First, your hair color may affect your appearance of youthfulness.  Lighter shades of hair tend to offer a more youthful appearance. If you have dark hair, you may want to consider highlights and lowlights to soften what may otherwise give you a more aged appearance. So, be certain to have your hair treatments complete before you select the shade for your new teeth.

Second, the right foundation and blush should be worn when visiting your cosmetic dentist if you wear foundation and blush daily. Light powders may provide a great base for foundation. Alternatively, you may start with foundation alone. In terms of blush, stay away from applications over wrinkles because blush will accentuate wrinkles.  Still, you may apply a cream blush on the rim of your cheeks moving up towards your temple, while blending slightly downward.  Finally, you may apply a luminescent powder lightly over your face for the finishing touch.

Third, light shadows will soften the appearance of your face and bring out your eyes.  You may also want to dot a lighter color in the center of your eye lid to brighten up your eyes.

Now, you’re ready for your cosmetic dental visit. Selecting the right shades for your face and hair will certainly help ensure your cosmetic dentist selects the right shade for your tooth restorations and cosmetic dentistry.

And remember natural teeth are more youthful when compared to tooth restorations or missing teeth.  Studies have indicated that people who take care of and keep their teeth live on an average of 6 years longer than those who lose their teeth.

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