Cosmetic Dentistry Financing FAQ

Cosmetic Dentistry Financing FAQ’s

Cosmetic dentistry financing can be the most viable way to obtain cosmetic dentistry today. Cosmetic dentistry finance companies have a broad range of options that can work well for most everyone. So, cosmetic dentistry financing can usually get you the treatment you want, when you want it!

Does cosmetic dentistry financing offer comparable rates to credit cards?

Cosmetic dentistry financing may offer comparable rates to credit cards. In some cases, the rates are better than your credit cards. Interest rates may be between 5.99% and 26%, depending upon your credit rating with the finance company. There are “90 day same as cash” and early pay off options. So, it can be very worthwhile to run your application through a finance company to see what you qualify for.

Is patient financing available for people with no credit or a poor credit rating?

Cosmetic dentistry financing companies use their own criteria to set up qualifications for treatment loans. People with no credit, less than perfect credit and poor credit may still qualify for financing cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Do I have to secure a loan for the full amount of my cosmetic dentistry procedure?

Usually, you can elect to finance all or a portion of your treatment costs. Cosmetic dentists do not mind accepting various forms of payments to pay for the total costs of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

How can I reach a cosmetic dentistry finance company?

Cosmetic dentists often have finance Information and applications in their office. Otherwise, you can find information about finance companies and finance applications online by typing “cosmetic dentistry patient financing” into your Internet browser. Once your application is complete and submitted, you will know if you qualify usually within 24 hours.

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