Cosmetic Dentistry for Worn and Uneven Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry can be a refreshing change, particularly when it involves replacing worn uneven teeth with a beautifully well aligned smile. Both women and men seek out cosmetic dentistry for these reasons because of the effects on their social and professional life.  Whether you go to the supermarket or a restaurant, you’ll likely see many people that have a beautifully well aligned smile.  You may notice the enthusiasm they transfer to you with a zest for a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle. After all, cosmetic dentistry has been known to boost confidence, self-image and self-esteem!

For people interested in repairing worn teeth through cosmetic dentistry, there are considerations. First, the reason for the wear and tear on teeth must be identified and the outcome expected from treating this issue must be evaluated to see if the person can qualify for cosmetic dentistry treatment. The treatment plan is individualized for each patient. In some cases, a night guard can adequately protect the teeth from harm. In other cases, new teeth may offer an adequate solution to relax the chewing muscles which would stop the teeth from grinding against each other. You’ll also want to be certain you select a dentist who has extensive experience with cosmetic dentistry because you’ll want to use similar materials and have the same outcome in your follow up procedure as you did in your initial procedure. In this way, your results are comparable, offering seamless beauty.

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