Cosmetic Dentistry Hits the Charts for Creating Attraction, Popularity and Intellect

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has released a study demonstrating a wealth of additional benefits for people that decide on cosmetic dentistry.  The study, conducted by Dr. Anne Beall, a social psychologist and market research professional, involved over 500 U.S. participants who were requested to view and rate photos of eight cosmetic dentistry patients. Fifty percent of the participants viewed and rated the “before” photo, displaying people that did not have severe tooth decay but who requested cosmetic dentistry. The other fifty percent viewed and rated the “after” photos of the eight cosmetic dentistry patients. The results show the following top six increases in positive characteristics:

Attractive Smile: People that smile display confidence, happiness and a sense of well-being. People are naturally attracted to smiling people. Add to this, a smile makeover, it is no surprise that people involved in the study find cosmetic dentistry patients more attractive.

Popularity Poll: Cosmetic dentistry photos rated high on the popularity poll. Popularity sends a message of social status and being well liked, not uncommon for people that have cosmetic dentistry as they have invested in themselves which is evident in their smile.

Interesting: Interesting people tend to captivate attention and stir curiosity.  Being interesting has been associated with creating arousal. All of which can be appealing benefits to cosmetic dentistry patients.

Intelligent: Cosmetic dentistry patients in the study seemed to be more intelligent, reflective of the ability to show good judgment, a healthy attitude and endowed with being a sound problem solver.

Career Success: Cosmetic dentistry patients in the study appeared to be more successful in their careers, in turn creating the impression that cosmetic dentistry patients are valuable players in their respective field.

Wealthy: Cosmetic dentistry photos scored high on the wealth chart, lending the appearance that the participants had a rich source of money or valuable possessions.

In fact, the participants in the study also rated cosmetic dentistry patients higher in the areas of happy, friendly, kind and sensitive to other people. So, there’s simply more benefits that may be added to the list for cosmetic dentistry patients today.

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