Cosmetic Dentistry Myths

Cosmetic dentistry is not comprised of a group of dental procedures that should be feared.  Too often, people have refrained from general dentistry because of fear and anxiety. Fear of general dentistry can translate into fear of cosmetic dentistry. Now, it’s time to take the hype out of cosmetic dentistry, uncover the myths and learn the truth about cosmetic dentistry procedures that can really put a beautiful smile on your face!

Myth # 1: Cosmetic Dentistry is Painful
Whether we’re talking about tooth whitening, bonding, dental veneers or dental implants, most people who have had these procedures do not experience pain. Tooth whitening may cause slight sensitivity for a day after the procedure. An anesthetic may be used for dental bonding, dental veneers and implants to make these procedures virtually pain free. In fact, cosmetic dentists often offer sedation dentistry for those who are fearful or have anxiety about cosmetic dentistry.

Myth #2: Completing Cosmetic Dentistry Requires Several Appointments
Depending upon the procedure and the technology available to the dentist, cosmetic dentistry procedures can be completed in one to two appointments. In-office tooth whitening can be performed in one visit. Prescription take home whitening kits may require two sessions. Bonding can be performed in one visit, but some people require extensive bonding that would need to be performed in two visits.  Dental veneers may be fabricated in one office visit when the dentist has the technology or in two visits, when the dentist must send impressions off to a lab specialist who has the right technology. Dental implants may be performed in one visit when using immediate dental implants or two visits when using traditional implants.

Myth #3: Teeth need to be properly Functioning in order to have Cosmetic Dentistry
Truly, teeth may require cosmetic dentistry in order to function properly. Cosmetic dentistry may treat both functional and aesthetic issues. It is true that teeth need to be professionally cleaned to remove plaque build up before tooth whitening. It is true that your mouth needs to be healthy which may require restorative dental procedures in order to qualify for dental veneers. It is true that some people who have bone loss may not qualify for dental implants.

Myth #4: The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry Don’t Last Very Long
In truth, cosmetic dentistry procedures are long lasting. Tooth whitening lasts for six months and touch ups allow for easy long term maintenance. Dental bonding may last for a lifetime. Dental veneers last 7 to 15 years, depending upon the type of veneer used in the procedure.  Dental implants may last a lifetime.

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