Dental Implant Advancements Are Here!

Approximately twenty five years ago, dental implants came out and the dental community was excited about the natural appeal and permanency of implants when compared to dentures and bridges. Today, the technology has become popular as many people suffering from tooth loss now have dental implants.  But formerly, there was a catch. In order to be a candidate for this type of innovative technology, you had to have adequate supporting bone structure. This catch put some people at risk of not qualifying for the procedure. Too, there is usually a waiting time period of four to six months following tooth extraction before a dental implant can be placed. Yet, recent research has opened the door for people suffering from poor bone structure and waiting time issues to receive the most sophisticated approach to repair tooth loss. The answer may be platelet rich plasma, also known as PRP.

Researchers used platelet rich plasma (PRP) following tooth removal on a group of study participants. The results of the research appeared in a report in the Journal of Oral Implantology. The researchers were prompted to attempt this methodology knowing that poor healing contributes to excessive jaw bone loss. Excessive jaw bone loss may delay tooth replacement, create the necessity for reconstructive surgery or may not be repairable at all. The results of using PRP allowed for advanced healing and bone regeneration results as well as decreased waiting time for the rejuvenation of bone. In fact, with the use of PRP, people suffering from tooth loss may be able to have dental implants in two to four months, instead of four to six months. This is very appealing.

Other researchers have suggested that PRP does not play a role in healing and bone formation.

However, these researchers believe that preparation of the PRP and the time that PRP is administered plays a role in the success of bone formation. The use f of PRP seemed to be most beneficial in the initial two week healing time period.

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