People with Tooth Restorations Likely to have Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a household name. Women and men of all ages have had their teeth whitened to achieve the benefits of a brilliant white smile.  People with tooth restorations may be more likely to have their teeth whitened because tooth restorations appear lighter over time. This is truly because, as we age, teeth become darker, but tooth restorations remain the same shade of white.

Teeth whitening does not last forever. The results can be maintained with at home trays to touch up the results every six months or less often, as needed.  Add to this the fact that natural teeth darken with age every one and half to two years, people with tooth restorations must match the new tooth color with the restoration.  Once you have achieved stability in your tooth color, you can expect the overall color of your teeth to last one and half to two years with touch up whitening since the results for whitening last about six months.

Dentists take special care to match your tooth color with a full pallet of shades to choose from for your tooth restorations. Dentists also know how to match shades of white when having professional tooth whitening at your dentist’s office.

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