A Funny Taste in Your Mouth?

That funny taste in your mouth can be quite disconcerting. A funny taste may be there consistently or may come and go at different times. You may notice it when you exhale. You may only notice it when you slide your tongue across your teeth or on the inside of your mouth. Your partner may notice it during an up close moment. At first, you may think it is bad breath because it’s odorous.  But then, you realize the funny taste may be something else…

Food Debris: Food debris that is lodged between or on top of your teeth can create a funny taste in your mouth. This is particularly true for difficult to clean teeth, such as, the back molar teeth. So, try using a small head tooth brush for the hard to reach areas and don’t forgo dental flossing in between your back teeth just because the back of the mouth is less accessible. You may also try warm saline mouth rinses or a non-alcohol based, microbial mouth wash as well.

Spicy Foods: Some foods can trigger a funny taste in your mouth for hours, such as garlic. To remedy this situation, check into Altoids or other bad breath remedies.

Tooth Infection: Sometimes, tooth infections can drain from your tooth, making your mouth taste foul. A simple visit to a dentist for antibiotic treatment and follow up for a possible root canal can be all that you’ll need to take care of this funny smell and to protect your oral health.

Sinus Infection: In some cases, fluid from a sinus infection can travel from the sinuses to the back of your throat, creating a mouth that is not tasteful. Antibiotic treatment and sometimes nasal sprays can take away such funny tastes.

Metal Dental Fillings: Silver amalgam dental fillings can give you a funny metal like taste in your mouth. The good news is that old silver amalgam dental fillings can be replaced with tooth colored composite fillings that can be covered by your insurance at the rate of an amalgam, making your out-of-pocket expense approximately, $30-50.00.

Gum Disease: Gum disease is also linked to an odorous taste in the mouth. Gum disease is a progressive condition, but can be managed to refresh your mouth and prevent tooth loss through several remedies. First, plaque removal, root planning and scaling can be performed by your dentist. Biofilm treatment can be performed at home for ongoing management of the bacteria pathogens that contribute to gum disease. This treatment contains a neutralizing agent to thwart off foul tastes and gum disease.

Dry Mouth Syndrome Prevention: If you feel you have a dry mouth, work on creating saliva flow. Poor saliva flow prevents natural fluid from cleansing the teeth. In fact, saliva contains an enzyme that fights off bacteria in your mouth.

Medical Conditions, Metabolic Changes and Hormonal Disorders: These conditions can play a role in funny tastes of your mouth.

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