Anxiety Free Dentistry FAQ’s

Anxiety free dentistry can be yours today with many advancements in dentistry. Yet, it’s usually most effective when you know why it is important to see a dentist and what is available to assist you for an anxiety free dentistry experience. So, let’s take a fast glance at those most frequently asked questions so you can feel good about going to your dentist.

Why is it important to see a dentist twice a year?

Regular dental check-ups offer the opportunity to check for oral conditions, such as, oral cancer, and gum disease (linked to heart attack and stroke). Early treatment for these conditions is typically less invasive and produces better results when compared to the alternative. Aside from checking for tooth decay, staying on top of your overall health through dental care assists in preserving quality of life over your lifetime. So, try to focus on rewarding yourself after you go for your dental visit!

How can I lower my anxiety about going to a dentist?

First, look for a dentist who utilizes sedation dentistry. Even if you are not interested in sedation, the dentist and their staff are typically very accustomed to caring for people who have anxiety. Too, they often have patient comforts, such as, calming music and T.V.. So, you can discuss your concerns with staff members over the phone to alleviate anxiety strains. In addition, some dental practices offer a variety of safe and effective sedative agents that offer an anxiety free dental experience.   Add to this staff recommendations and the ambiance of the office, you’ll likely be set for success in your dental experience. Finally, you may want to stay away from stimulants, such as, coffee, before your dental visit as stimulants can add to anxiety.

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