Baby Dental Care: What about Dental Wiping!

We all know about tooth brushes, but what about dental wiping to prevent tooth decay? Making tooth wiping part of a daily routine for your child from the moment a tooth erupts is critical.   Little do most people know that the risk of tooth decay can commence upon tooth eruption. In addition, though these are not permanent teeth, failure to clean infant teeth is a contributing factor for tooth decay in permanent teeth.  By the time children reach school age, 40% have cavities. Dental pain is the most common illness. Yet, you can get a head start on preventing cavities for your children  by starting tooth wiping as soon as a soon erupts. Simply, consider it part of your baby’s normal oral hygiene routine. Out with dental pain and tooth decay!

We wanted to bring this to your attention after a recent study. Bacteria that is linked to dental cavities is present in infant saliva, according to a recent University of Illinois study.  Previous studies focused on the presence of cavity causing bacteria up to 33 months after birth, but this study focused on evaluating changes in the oral cavity after birth. The study results suggest that soft tissues present in the oral cavity may house pathogens that should be better characterized. For example, it may be remarkable to monitor changes in the oral cavity from birth, to tooth eruption, to liquid to the solid food shift. For now, this study demonstrates that there is a microbial evolution that does take place in the oral cavity.

Previously, studies suggested that the time period of infectivity which may contribute to dental cavities was between 19 and 33 months. Today, we know that the time period begins at a younger age. For this reason, it is wise to wipe your child’s gums after feedings.

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