Having Trouble Brushing? Consider New Techniques

There may be several reasons why people have difficulty brushing their teeth. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to learn about techniques that can improve your daily teeth cleaning routine to maintain oral health. Some check out some of the ways that you can leverage your tooth brushing technique for enhanced oral health.

Caring for a young infant or an ill loved one?
Very young infants and some people that are ill such as those on a respirator may not be able to brush their teeth. People in this category may have a caregiver try a soft washcloth or q-tips to scrub teeth and remove trapped food.

Can’t Reach the Back of Your Mouth?
Since the back of the mouth is one of the most important areas to keep clean, you may want to consider using a tongue depressor to keep your tongue down or a tongue cleaner to lengthen your toothbrush for hard to reach areas.

Can’t Brush the Backs of Your Teeth?
There are special tooth brushes available at your dentist’s office to brush the back of your teeth with. Offered in a circular bristled design that is small enough to fit tight areas behind the teeth, these toothbrushes provide better access to the back of the teeth.

Do You Have Poor Hand Coordination?
Arthritis sufferers or those recovering from strokes or other conditions that affect hand coordination have found that inserting the back end of a toothbrush into a tennis ball can greatly help with grip and maneuverability.

Your dentist will no doubt have other suggestions for enhancing your ability to care for your teeth and mouth. This may include helping to remove trapped food with a swish of a rinsing agent, or dietetic changes that can optimize you oral health. There may also be specific tools and techniques that relate to your particular situation. So, see your dentist for a general dentistry check up to learn more about the ways to improve your brushing for better oral health.

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