New Dentures with Enhanced Cosmetic Dentistry on the Horizon

When it comes to dentures, cosmetic dentistry is the first thought that many have come to mind. People are concerned about the appearance of dentures and rightfully so. In addition, functionality and durability are equally important. Now, what if there were dentures that were not only stronger, but had enhanced optical qualities? Soon, such dentures might just be available, offering a wonderful option for people who cannot have dental implants.

Glass chemist Prof. Dr. Christian Russel of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany) recently published the results of research demonstrating that he and colleagues succeeded in developing a new type of glass ceramic with a nanocrystalline structure that is said to be more durable and more natural looking when compared to today’s dentures.   More naturally looking is highly desirable because tooth enamel is glistening translucent and it has been difficult to fully bring out this quality in today’s dentures until Dr. Russel’s discovery.  It will be years potentially before these dentures will be available to the public. By the same token, the science does demonstrate that there may be other applications, including: dental bridges and onlays.

Dental implants are the current alternative to today’s dentures.  Dental implants provide an advantage over dentures due to enhanced functionality features and a more natural looking appearance. Because dental implants are permanently inserted there is no need to worry about difficulty speaking, slipping out your mouth or any other side effects that may be associated with today’s dentures. Conversely, a dental crown is placed over the dental implant anchor for a natural pleasing look, feel and fit.  Dental implants are the most advanced solution available for missing teeth today.

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