Root Canal Awareness

Root canal awareness offers a means to dispel any misconceptions you might have due to the fear of a root canal. In fact, a recent study demonstrates that many people feel a root canal is painful, but still prefer to have a root canal instead of losing a tooth, particularly when compared to paying taxes.

Yet, root canals can be easily managed with lack of discomfort through services provided by the right dentists. Your general dentist, also referred to as a cosmetic dentist in some cases, will know when a referral is necessary.

More survey respondents indicated a desire to avoid losing a permanent tooth or getting root canal treatment than paying taxes or speaking in public. Two-thirds also ranked root canals as the dental procedure they most fear, more than having a tooth pulled or a cavity filled.

Unfortunately, much of the fear of root canals is based on outdated misconceptions. A previous AAE survey found that 89 percent of patients were satisfied when they received treatment from an endodontist, and the AAE also found that the vast majority of general dentists, 93 percent, agree that endodontists are important partners in delivering quality dental care.

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