The Green Side of Dentistry

Mentioning the words “green” and “dentistry” in the same sentence just might cause you to recall childhood memories of classmates who didn’t brush their teeth often enough. However, today these words herald a new era of eco-friendly dentistry in which greater attention is paid to limiting waste and promoting practices that don’t harm the environment.
All industries contribute to climate change and pollution. Medical and dental industry waste from infectious or hazardous materials fills landfills or is consumed by incinerators, thereby producing various greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ash, all of which may contaminate land, air and water. The concept of “green dentistry” can be traced back to over 10 years ago when innovators in the dental industry proposed a greater reduction of consumption and waste.

Whether you are going for general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, consider these “outside the box” practices used by such forward-thinking dentists:

In addition, eco-dentists may remind patients to consume less water when brushing teeth or while engaging in other hygiene activities. In eco-friendly dentistry, a new kind of dentist-patient relationship is being forged for the cause of conservation and health.

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