What General Dentistry Means for You

General dentistry focuses on preserving your oral health, while safeguarding against medical conditions that are linked to poor oral health. Although there are approximately 116,000 dentists in the U.S., a select number of general dentists participate in continuing education classes to be kept up-to-date about he latest in research and technology to protect your oral health for future years. Even fewer dentists continue on with an accreditation process offered by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry to provide services that enhance aesthetics, while maintaining the highest level of functionality.

It is true that general dentistry focuses on preventative and restorative procedures, including:

However, additional services and the types of technology that the general dentists has to offer, depends upon the dentist. Let’s take a closer look at three advancements in treatments and the number of dentists, who are equipped to provide such treatment, including:

In fact, general dentists are the quarterbacks who decide when the patient needs to be passed onto a specialist who has more focused experience. For example, complex root canals are usually performed by an endodontist that focuses on complex root canal restorations. A periodontist focuses on gum disease (periodontal disease) and so on. Yet, wouldn’t you like your general dentist to have the knowledge, training, experience and technology that can allow him or her to be the best dentist possible for your treatment. Certainly, you can benefits from advanced technology and experience of your dentist. So, next time you’ve got to go to your dentist. Check out his or her credentials and find out about the technology they use in their office.

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