Q&A with Jane Diaz de Leon – Austin Dental Spa Patient

Jane Diaz de Leon is one of our special patient stories. She was featured this past year, in one of our full-page ads in Austin Monthly Magazine. Her story of how she came to meet cosmetic dentist Mark Sweeney, DDS and how he rebuilt her smile after an unfortunate accident that occurred while working as a firefighter in Austin, Texas. We adore Jane and feel fortunate that we were able to help her regain her beautiful smile. Here’s her story.

What happened that brought you to become a patient of Dr. Mark Sweeney?
I was involved in an accident while working as a firefighter with the Austin Fire Dept and was referred by my oral surgeon, Dr. Ann Kristovich, who dealt with my initial injuries. A hose coupling had come loose, during active use, and hit me directly under my chin which broke out a “V” section of my lower jaw. The impact pattern continued through to my upper jaw and crushed an upper molar on either side. 13 damaged teeth. One knocked out completely just adjacent to my front teeth. Another molar was cracked in 3 pieces but that wasn’t discovered for a few weeks. My head hurt so bad for so long that I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I now have three bridges and four crowns as a result of the accident. I also received
some orthodontic adjustments from my orthodontist,
Dr. Stephen Robirds, which took about a year.

How did your new smile change your life?
Dr. Sweeney’s expertise allows me to enjoy the smile that I was born with. I always felt good about my smile. Having so many of my teeth broken and missing from the accident was initially devastating to me. I credit Dr. Sweeney for helping put all of the broken pieces back with newer, prettier ones!

Tell us a bit more about yourself, Jane.
I’ve always been a natural athlete and a little bit of a smart aleck. It turns out those are good qualities to have in the firefighting profession. I’ve been retired from the Fire Department for quite a few years now. My current passion is playing pickleball!

You are involved with the Mamma Jamma coming up in late September. Why is this important to you?
My husband and I have been cyclists for many years. Our participation in raising money by doing charity bike rides has evolved from riding to supporting by volunteering to do what is called SAG. Support and Gear. We attend to riders who might have a medical emergency or problems with their bikes while they are on their ride. As cyclists ourselves our skill set paired with our emergency medical experience is well-suited for giving back to the community as SAG volunteers.

Do you have a motto or favorite quote that inspires you?
I have two. One is a fortune cookie fortune that says, “Tell those you love that you do.” The other is credited to Sebastian Chamfort and is: “The most wasted of days is that in which one has not laughed.”

Would you recommend Austin Dental Spa to others? If so, why?
I recommend the Austin Dental Spa to all of my friends, some have even gone. I feel like Dr. Sweeney is family because that’s how I’m treated when I’m there.