Do You Really Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Many have wondered whether getting your wisdom teeth removed is an absolute necessity. The answer is not as simple as “Yes” or “No.” For those who have the room for the extra teeth, no, removing these teeth is likely not necessary. However, for those who do not have the room for more teeth in their mouth, the development of wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding, discomfort, pain, and the need for extraction.

Our cosmetic dentist at Austin Dental Spa, Dr. Mark Sweeney, recently provided insight on whether wisdom teeth need to be removed and the history of the human dental practice in a brief video that can be watched below. In the short clip, Dr. Sweeney cites the research of a paleoanthropologist who was analyzing teeth development among humans and other primates. Paraphrasing the research, Dr. Sweeney says in his video that human mouths are directly positioned beneath our brain, with our molars closer to the “hinge,” a biological development that occurred over time.

Additionally, because humans live much longer than other primates, our teeth have time to fill in or develop at a slower rate like wisdom teeth do. Due to the placement of our mouths and the gradual growth of our teeth, wisdom teeth coming in can cause problems for those whose mouths do not have the room for them. However, more commonly found in Europe, Dr. Sweeney says, not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed if there are no complications.

Check out the entire clip below: