Less Fat, Less Gum Disease

Enjoy a good night’s sleep, hang out with your best buds, make new friends and begin new hobbies, all while controlling your weight can certainly be worthwhile. But who would have known that you’d be controlling your gum disease while controlling your weight.

Recently, Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine researchers reported that people who lose fat cells offer their body a better opportunity to fight off gum disease.

The study results were compiled following testing of over 30 people with an average body mass index of 39; half of which had the gastric bypass procedure and abdominal fat removed.  All study participants had gingivitis or gum disease and received treatment for gum disease. In the end, the study participants who had surgery achieved better success in the management of gum disease, including: periodontal attachment, bleeding, probing depths and plaque levels.

So, a two for one bonus is certainly appealing. Of course, there are several theories as to why this occurred. Though, certainly the study results can be a motivating factor to control your weight. Now, let’s check to some tips to keep you in shape!


  1. Aerobic Exercise: It’s important to perform aerobic exercise at least 25 minutes per day and up to one and a half hours if you are interested in losing weight. Aerobic exercise is defined by any exercise in which one foot is off the floor, such as, walking, running, biking.
  2. Strength Training Exercise: Muscular strength training for at least 30 minutes three times a week, including all major muscles, is vital.  Muscular strength training elevates your metabolism which assists in fat burning.

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