Periodontal Therapy Reduces Medical Costs

At the American Association for Dental Research meeting, members of the association gathered to discuss the results of research that measured medical costs for diabetics in relation to periodontal therapy.

The study involved a group of diabetic participants with periodontal disease who received medical and dental treatment and a group who did not receive treatment over a three year time period.

The periodontal treatment group received treatment in the first year and maintained treatment thereafter. The control group may have had some periodontal therapy and did not receive regular maintenance therapy. Periodontal treatment was associated with a significant decrease in hospital admissions, doctor’s visits and overall cost of medical care in diabetics. Savings averaged $1,814 per patient in a single year. A 33% decrease in hospital admissions was also the result.

There are some simple ways to control periodontal disease to prevent medical costs and tooth loss which results from untreated periodontal disease. If you have periodontal disease, you may need to have professional dental cleanings more often.  Your at-home regimen is also very important, including: brushing twice day, flossing after brushing and mouthwash. A select number of dentists perform biofilm treatment to help you maintain a healthy oral cavity.  In addition, you may require deep planing and root scaling (deep cleaning), laser therapy with antibiotics, or periodontal surgery.

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