Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique to Treat Gum Recession

Are you starting to notice receding gums when you smile in the mirror? Well we have good news for you! Austin Dental Spa offers the innovative Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) to rejuvenate your gums. This inventive procedure entails inserting a special needle through a tiny, pin-sized hole in your gums to reposition tissue over the receded area. Our own Dr. Jordan Slagter, who received special PST training, may be able to improve the health and condition of your gums with this procedure.

Below are some of the additional benefits of using PST to treat gum recession:

Ultimately, you should be able to see your new, healthier smile immediately after the procedure. If your gums are receding and you would like to discuss how PST could benefit your smile, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Slagter today.