Why You Should Consider the Pinhole Surgical Technique

Why You Should Consider the Pinhole Surgical Technique for Gum Recession Treatment
Today we would love to discuss why you should consider the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) if you are seeking a treatment for receding gums. Teeth grinding, vigorous tooth brushing, and gingivitis are some of the common causes of gum recession. If they shrink enough to expose the roots of your teeth, you are more susceptible to tooth decay, losing your teeth, and other serious dental problems.

PST can help restore your smile by repositioning gum tissue to cover the receded areas. Before this modern treatment was developed, patients had to suffer through a painful gum grafting procedure that sutured tissue from the roof of the mouth onto the gumline. In comparison, PST uses a pin-size hole above your receding gums to spread the gum tissue down to where it is needed. The procedure is generally quick, relatively painless, and you can typically expect a fast recovery.

If you think you could benefit from the Pinhole Surgical Technique, please feel free to contact our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jordan Slagter. She is one of the few Austin cosmetic dentists in our area with extensive training on this innovative procedure and would be happy to answer any questions about this effective treatment.