Cosmetic Dentistry for Seniors

Growing older does not mean that your mouth’s well-being needs to be anything but terrific. These days, cosmetic dentistry procedures offer the opportunity to recapture a sense of youthfulness and protect your teeth for the future.

Seniors do face some potential challenges in the dental care realm that can be overcome by observing triggers that signify the need for help, including:
· Those who are older are more prone to tooth loss and periodontal (gum) disease. Having semi-annual check-ups and being aware of symptoms are vital to be proactive for your oral hygiene and to prevent minor problems from becoming severe.
· Tooth sensitivity is always a tell-tale sign that something is wrong in the mouth.
· Discoloration of a tooth or teeth can take place due to enamel or dentin loss
· Gum recession may signal a sign of periodontal disease or root deterioration.
· Inflammation, ulcers, bleeding caused by inadequate brushing or flossing, bite and jaw misalignments or misaligned appliances.
· Dry mouth, that is the consequence of many types of medications, is usually quite apparent.
· Untreated tooth decay, infections, periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Now for the Solutions!
Cosmetic dentistry has become popular among seniors. Improvements in technology provide the opportunity for advanced treatments that are speedy and not discomforting. Dentistry for seniors today can actually be simple today!

Tooth Whitening: That brilliant white smile of yesteryear can surface again with tooth whitening, offered by prescription, in-office, or over-the-counter.
Bonding: To relieve tooth sensitivity, small cracks and chips, bonding is a very cost effective method of applying a natural tooth colored substance over the affected area.
Dental Veneers: To improve misshapen teeth, larger chips or cracks, and severe tooth discoloration, it’s wise to consider dental veneers. These tiny sheets of porcelain are delicately placed over the teeth to mask and protect abnormalities.
Dental Implants: Tired of a dental bridge or dentures? Consider a dental implant that offers natural appeal and permanency to forgo appliance misalignments, unattractive clicking sounds, and difficulty eating, talking or chewing.

Full Mouth Reconstruction: Full mouth reconstructive can combine both restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to provide improved functionality and pleasing aesthetics. Natural tooth colored dental fillings and superior fitting Cerec crowns can replace old ones. Bridges and dentures may be upgraded to implants. Tooth whitening or dental veneers may be the icing on the cake.
In fact, seniors today can benefit from advancements in technology for nearly any symptom or dental condition that they are experiencing. If you are a senior or caregiver, don’t delay! It’s critical to take care of elder teeth now more than ever. Your teeth are part of the backbone for your nutrition and health in elder years.

If you are interested in senior dental care, call Dr. Mark Sweeney, an Austin Texas cosmetic dentist at (512) 452-9296.