Welcome to Austin Dental Spa

MALE VOICE 1: Dr. Sweeney is a really incredible individual. He’s very entertaining. You know he’s like a one man comedy show. And he makes coming to the dentist a real enjoyable experience you know.

FEMALE VOICE 1: I would recommend Dr. Sweeney. I think he is extremely professional and he’s the best around. And his credentials prove it and my teeth also prove it.

MALE VOICE 2: So I just didn’t smile. And I didn’t realize I didn’t smile until I came and got my new teeth. It’s amazing. It’s just amazing the reaction of everybody.

FEMALE VOICE 2: You feel like everybody’s is part of your family in here.

FEMALE VOICE 3: You know you’re going to get the best treatment. You know it’s going to be not only pain free, but its going to be a fun experience.

DR. MARK SWEENEY: Are you ready for something completely different. Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Sweeney, owner of Austin Dental Spa, right here in Austin, Texas, the center of the universe. If you’re looking for a new dental home or if you’re considering a smile makeover, come take a look around at my website and see what you think. We are not your typical dental office. At our office, you’ll find bright smiling faces, a warm comfortable environment and the most state of the art high tech equipment dentistry has to offer. What we love to do most is change peoples lives by changing their smiles.