Richard’s Porcelain Veneers Story

MALE VOICE 3: I had a consultation for porcelain veneers and came in and they did some molds. And then I came back and they fit some plastic veneers on I guess and everything was just like really stress free. It was not painful like I thought it was going to be. So that was pretty cool. I wore those for a couple of weeks, made some adjustments and came back and they did porcelain veneers. And now I have a good smile. Well before I didn’t smile. I didn’t smile for years. I had you know my teeth I had some root canals done and so they were discolored and of course being 46, I had aged quite a bit. So I just didn’t smile. And I didn’t realize I didn’t smile until I came and got my new teeth. It’s amazing. It’s just amazing the reaction that everybody.