Zoom Teeth Whitening System

DR. MARK SWEENEY: Zoom whitening is one of the most exciting treatments that we offer at Austin Dental Spa. It allows us in a less than two hour period to give somebody a completely different smile. In many cases, we whiten people 10 shades whiter than they came in with. And it’s really exciting for the patient and for us to make such a change in such a short period of time. It’s painless. Its simple and it has dramatic results.

The Zoom whitening is a very simple process. Usually the way we do it is we take a shade, the color of your teeth before we start. We sit you in the dental chair. We take impressions so that we can make take home trays for you because we found that the take home trays although they’re not very effective for getting your teeth white and keeping them there, they’re great for maintaining the shade that we take you to during the Zoom whitening. We polish your teeth and then we apply a bleaching gel to your teeth. Every 15 minutes, that gel is removed and replaced with fresh set of gel and then there’s a blue plasma light that shines on that material and catalyzes the bleach material to penetrate your tooth. It’s very safe. It’s very effective and it doesn’t harm the tooth at all.