Caring for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is usually a refreshing change. Whether you have had tooth whitening, cosmetic dental bonding, dental veneers or dental implants, you’ll likely be enjoying the benefits of your results for quite some time.  There are also certain things you can do to help maintain your beautiful smile!

Following cosmetic dentistry treatment, you’ll be given a list of instructions to follow in order to maximize your benefits. It is important follow these instructions and contact your dentist if you have any questions along the way.    There are also a few common habits that you’ll want to avoid in order to maintain your benefits, including:

Soda, Tea and Coffee Drinking: Soda, tea and coffee drinking tends to stain your teeth. So, you’ll want to minimize intake and use a straw when possible. After all, you’ll want to maintain the benefits of your bright white smile!

Fingernail Biting: Fingernail biting puts undue pressure on your teeth. This is especially true for dental veneers. Using nail polish or nail tips may prevent fingernail biting.

Ice Crunching: Ice crunching may crack or fracture your teeth and dental veneers. It’s best to refrain from ice crunching altogether to preserve the health of your teeth and prevent tooth fractures that may result in more invasive dental work.

Tooth Grinding: Tooth grinding is likely to crack and fracture your teeth and dental veneers. A mouth guard wore at night prevents damage to your teeth from tooth grinding.

High Sugar Diet: A high sugar diet may result in tooth decay and more invasive dental work. Instead, a high protein diet supports your oral health.

Tongue Pressure on Upper Teeth: Tongue pressure on the upper teeth may move teeth over time. This can change the appearance of your teeth and your lower face.

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