Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

If you have a missing tooth, would you prefer three tooth restorations or one? That is one primary question you will want to ask yourself when deciding between a dental implant or a dental bridge. A dental implant involves the use of an anchor that adheres to your jaw bone and a crown to cover the top. A dental bridge involves the reshaping of two teeth and the fitting of an appliance with a false tooth in the empty spot.

Dental implants are a permanent solution when compared a dental bridge that may last ten or more years.  In terms of aesthetics, dental implants offer pleasing aesthetics for a restoration that is very life like. Since the implant is anchored into the jaw bone, implants offer a superior feel and fit. So, when it comes to functionality, dental implants may be the preference. It’s also easier to clean teeth a dental implant when compared to a dental bridge. In fact, it’s very important to maintain oral health when you have dental implants and dental bridges. For example, people with periodontal disease may not qualify for dental implants and dental bridges may be more difficult to clean.

When comparing costs, the cost for a dental bridge ranges from $2000. to $3000. and a single dental implant may cost up to $3000. Also factored into cost must be how you take care of your teeth because longevity in the results can be adversely affected by poor oral health.

In either case, there have been many advancement sin materials and technologies to offer long lasting beautiful tooth restorations. Most importantly, if you have a missing tooth, it is vital to be treated to preserve your oral health and prevent your teeth from shifting.