Cosmetic Dentistry Considerations

There are very important things to consider with all procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is not alone. There are both aesthetic and functional considerations to take into account, the benefits of cosmetic dentistry can award you with a bright, white, well aligned smile. First, let’s explore some of the aesthetic and functional issues that you’ll want to consider if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry.

The Spectrum of Colors; There is a pallet of colors to choose from when going to a dentist for cosmetic dentistry.  Dentists study the differences in the color of teeth to help you choose the right color for your teeth. They also must understand translucency because teeth are translucent and this affects the appearance of teeth in different types of lighting. So, if color shade is important to you and you’re going for tooth whitening, your dentist may tell you that it is wise to change color shades slowly which can be accomplished by not keeping the solution on your teeth for the full length of time recommended.  If you are interested in veneers, your dentist can allow you to preview what you will look like with veneers to see if the color ties in line with your goals.

The Function: If you are interested in porcelain veneers or dental implants, your dentist must consider many factors to ensure the proper function of your teeth. The first is occlusion. Proper occlusion means that your top teeth meet correctly with your bottom teeth when you bite. If you have a malocclusion, you are at risk for improper alignment of your teeth, abnormal facial appearance, jaw pain, mouth breathing, and difficulty biting, chewing or speaking. So, your dentist must craft your veneers or dental implants so that they don’t interfere with your occlusion. Your dentist must also consider marginal integrity, surface glaze, envelope of function, anterior guidance, lip-closure path, centric relationship of the jaws and much more in order to produce the optimal outcome for your cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Now that you have a couple of examples cosmetic dentistry considerations, it’s also good to know that there are ways to reduce your risks.  One of the most important ways to reduce you risks is to select the right cosmetic dentist.   You can do so by checking out their website to learn about the dentist’s level of education and experience. You can also learn about the technology in their office to see if they are up to speed with today’s demands. When you visit a cosmetic dentist, you can ask them any question you have about cosmetic dentistry so you can make a well educated decision about the procedure you are interested in.

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