Healthy Foods for Your Teeth

There are many ways that the right dietary lifestyle can defy bacteria, remove cavity causing plaque build up, strengthen enamel and rejuvenate your breath. Check out a few of the foods that are great for your oral health.

After all, it’s important. Your oral health cannot be ignored!

Green Tea: Green tea kills off bacteria which create sugar that leads to plaque build up- a cause for cavities. By drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea a day, you can help keep your dentist away.

Celery: Known to stimulate saliva flow, this vegetable also massages your gums and cleans between your teeth. While you’re taking advantage of increased saliva flow to neutralize bacteria in your mouth, you can improve your oral health in more than one way by eating celery once a day.

Cheese: A nibble on cheese helps to balance your mouth’s pH which thwarts off cavity causing bacteria’s and gum disease. Cheese is also known to strengthen tooth enamel (the glistening protective tooth covering) and produces saliva flow.

Water: Yup, it’s the same old six 8 ounce glasses a day that is recommended for a proper diet. Water keeps your mouth hydrated and stimulates saliva flow. All of which help to prevent cavities and bad breath.

Kiwis: It’s Kiwi’s powerful concentration level of vitamin C that helps maintain your collagen network in your gums. This helps to ensure that your gums don’t get tender, making them susceptible to periodontal disease. In fact, most anyone can benefit from Kiwi since 75% of the population has some form of gum disease.

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