Dental Implant Bone Grafts

Bone grafting for a dental implant is a procedure that may be performed when a dentist determines that you do not have sufficient bone structure to support your teeth. It is a procedure that can be performed before the placement or a dental implant, dentures or bridges. Bone grafting may also be performed to repair jaw bone fractures. The objective in bone grafting is to allow bone tissue to reproduce around an implanted bone with the goal that the bone tissue and implanted bone will fuse together. The benefit of having adequate bone structure to support healthy teeth is critical for the repair of teeth and jaw structures in many cases.

There are three types of dental implants that may be used in bone grafting, including:

The procedure is an out patient procedure, only takes a few hours, and does not require significant down time. Yet, since the implanted bone must heal and adhere to the natural bone, full healing requires six to nine months.  Success in the procedure depends upon the skill and technique used by the surgeon, as well as, overall bone and tissue health and the patient’s compliance with post operative instructions.

Selecting a Dental Implant Bone Graft Dentist

Since this is a technically driven procedure, the training and experience of the dentist or oral surgeon is important to consider when selecting a dentist to perform your procedure. So, it’s wise to ask the dentist or surgeon about their level of skill and experience. It is also wise to view before and after photographs of other patients who have had the bone grafting procedure with the dentist or surgeon you are interested in having your procedure with.

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