Cosmetic Dentistry for Children

Cosmetic dentistry is typically performed to provide advantages for aesthetic appeal when compared to traditional general dentistry procedures. Yet, cosmetic dentistry is not only about aesthetics. Restorative procedures can fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry in certain circumstances as well. There are several reasons why children may have cosmetic dentistry procedure. Check out why!

The Bright White Smile: When children lose their four front teeth and permanent teeth replace them, the permanent teeth naturally look more yellow and gray.  Depending upon how long it takes for all permanent teeth to come in, your child’s smile may have a spotted appearance. So, some parents opt for microabrasion. This procedure is designed to remove tiny bits of discolored tooth enamel with a gentle acid solution. After one treatment, the discoloration usually disappears.  According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), microabrasion is a great conservative approach for children with discoloration spots on their teeth.

Accident Repair: It is not all that uncommon for children to have accidents, such as falling off of a bike or getting hit with something during a sports activity. Dentists have a variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions to assist. The least invasive approach is dental bonding which works well for tiny chips, fractures, and gaps between teeth. The procedure is not painful and there is no recovery time so it is very appealing for children. For more serious chips, fractures and gaps, a dental veneer is often more appropriate. A veneer provides a protective covering for the tooth that is damaged. The procedure may require two visits, unless the dentist has the technology and expertise to perform the procedure in one visit.   For the most serious fractures, a tooth colored dental crown is usually the way to go which is a two visit procedure, unless the dentist has the technology and expertise to perform the procedure in one visit. Neither veneers nor dental crowns require recovery time, other than from anesthesia if it is used, so children can usually continue with normal activities shortly after the procedure.

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