The Career Smile Makeover

If you are interested in a career smile makeover, you are not alone. It is very common for people in the job market to want to build up their first impression with prospective employers. After all, it widely known that a smile can represent how you perceive yourself and can reflect on how others perceive you. A beautiful, well aligned smile helps to make you an attractive candidate to potential employers. A smile makeover is designed to treat both functional and aesthetic aspects of your mouth and teeth. Yet, there are a number of other advantages that people have experienced following a smile makeover.

Self-image is boosted through a smile makeover and self confidence can be enhanced simultaneously. When a job candidate displays confidence, they are appealing to potential employers.   With natural appeal, job applicants tend to captivate attention during interviews. A healthy looking smile shows that you know how to take care of yourself and can translate into employers’ beliefs that healthy people can make good judgments.    So, let’s explore some of the common cosmetic dentistry treatments for people interested in a career makeover.

Tooth Whitening: Since a bright white smile signifies youthfulness and health, teeth whitening can be important to the success of a job campaign.  Tooth whiteners can turn your teeth up to eight shades lighter in a single session at your dentist’s office or can be performed at home with prescription or over the counter kits that produce results over time.

Bonding: You can significantly improve small chips, gaps and cracks that take away from your beautiful smile with dental bonding. With even, well shaped teeth, you can have a clean cut appearance for your next interview and for all other activities thereafter.  This relatively non-invasive procedure is easy to complete with no pain and no down time.

Porcelain Veneers: For some people, the appearance of large, gaps, chips, cracks or severe tooth discoloration can be very inhibitive when seeking a job. Dental veneers can alleviate such strains. These little porcelain sheets can help people feel more comfortable and can be very appealing to new employers.

Dental Fillings: Up-to date dental fillings let interviewers know that you take care of yourself. These tooth -colored fillings are also very appealing from the aesthetic point of view. Compared to old sliver amalgam dental fillings, tooth colored composite fillings offer clear advantages for job candidates.

If you are interested in general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, contact Dr. Mark Sweeney, an Austin Texas cosmetic dentist, for a consultation at 512-380-1300.n Austin Texas cosmetic dentist, for a consultation at 512-380-1300.