Dental Veneers and Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that affects many people, with or without dental veneers. The good news is that tooth sensitivity can be treated. First, it is important to discover the root cause for your tooth sensitivity. In terms of sources, there may be a variety of sources that are causing your sensitivity including: tooth infection, tooth decay, and leaky or poorly sealed dental fillings. Alternatively, your tooth root may be sensitive to temperature changes, you may have malocclusion (poor bite) which can lead to tooth sensitivity, you may be a tooth grinder or there may be another reason for your sensitivity.    A highly experienced cosmetic dentist will be able to pinpoint the root cause for your sensitivity.

If you have tooth sensitivity before you acquire dental veneers, it is wisest to tell your dentist so you can receive treatment before veneers are placed. In any case, a highly experienced cosmetic dentist will know how to get to the root cause of your sensitivity so you can comfortably wear your veneers. If you have tooth sensitivity after you place veneers, it is still wisest to seek out the services of a cosmetic dentist who has experience with veneers.

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