Replacement of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a wonderful option for people interested in a bright white, well aligned smile. Lasting ten years or more, these thin porcelain sheets are a great way to mask chipped, worn teeth, uneven teeth, and severe tooth discoloration. While there may come a time that you’ll have to replace your porcelain veneers, people usually do not mind returning back for new veneers because of the many benefits.

When it comes time to replace your veneers, it’s important to select a well refined cosmetic dentist who has experience in the replacement of dental veneers.  In fact, you may receive different recommendations from other dentists. So, you’ll want to select a dentist that you can trust will help you make the right decision. For example, one recommendation may be that you replace your veneers with dental crowns, while another recommendation might be that your replace your porcelain veneers with Lumineers.  Every dentist has their own armory of tools to treat patients and a highly experienced cosmetic dentist knows how to perform all options and how to select the best option for their patients.

In the end, you may want to stick with porcelain veneers because of their longevity and most pleasing aesthetics. A highly skilled cosmetic dentist will know how to provide you with porcelain veneers.  A highly refined cosmetic dentist should be able to remove your old veneers without damage to your teeth and replace them with a beautiful new set of veneers.

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