Fear of Dentistry Relieved

Fear of dentistry affects up to 75% of people in the United States, according to Wikipedia. Fear of dentistry may be because of the anticipation of injections to come. The fear may relate to the images of dental technology, the odors in the office, or the sounds of the technology being used in the office. The root cause of fear may be associated with a prior experience in a dental office. To make matters worse, dental fear may build when we realize that things are out of our control. For whatever reason, the fear of dentistry is real for many people.
The good news is that dentists have developed many ways to alleviate the fear of dentistry.  Many dental offices provide a comforting ambiance to ease apprehension. Dental chairs are designed to have a soothing effect. Dentists educate patients about dental technology and procedures so that they can set reasonable expectations for the procedure and this reduces fear.  Dentists may offer music or television to distract and relax the patient’s mind. Dentists have also learned that deep breathing and water drinking helps to relieve the fear of dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows us to release inhibitions from dentistry.  The use of tranquilizers, depressants or anti-anxiety medications has been known to settle concerns about dentistry.  Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, reduces the fear and discomfort associated with dentistry. Injections provide a pain block to the treatment area and can be given after sedation dentistry is administered so the injection is pain free.

Despite the fear, more people have been attracted to dentistry over recent years. They have been better educated about the importance of oral hygiene and are more likely to receive professional dental cleanings twice a year. They understand that waiting for a dental emergency can mean more invasive dental treatment. So, people are generally less likely to postpone dental treatment. People are also commonly attracted to cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental veneers, tooth whitening and dental implants. In the final analysis, people today have many reasons to proceed with dental treatment despite their fears. Knowing that dentists take precautions to avoid the fear of dentistry allows people to receive treatment in comfort and with ease.

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