Remember to Whiten Before Your Dental Procedures!

Who would ever think that you’d have to prepare for your dental procedures? It’s true. If you are like the millions who have your teeth whitened, you’ll want to be prepared with the right tooth color for your dental procedure.   Whether you are in need of a dental filling, dental crown or any other tooth restoration, you’ll want a uniform appearance of your teeth to prevent a spotted appearance. So, you’ll want to get your tooth whitening performed to achieve the right shade of white before going for restorative dental procedures.   If you whiten after your restorative procedure, you will not be likely to achieve the matching precise shade of white for your teeth.  In this case, the only way to achieve a uniform appearance would be to create new tooth restorations.  So, we’ve got a couple of options that we’d like to tell you more about, including:

In Office Tooth Whitening: Your dentist will be prepared to provide you with an in office tooth whitening procedure to ensure that you have the right shade of white for your teeth. In office whitening can whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter and your dentist will know how to monitor the shading for you. You may also have whitening trays made for you at a prescription level of active ingredients to perform whitening at home. In either case, touch ups may be performed at home to maintain the benefits.

At Home Bleaching:    There are a variety of choices for at home whitening. From toothpastes to whitening strips, these options may lighten your teeth to some degree over time.  So, these options may not be the preference if you are in need of a tooth restoration because restorations should not be postponed.

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