Teen Cosmetic Dentistry

Many teens today are interested in cosmetic dentistry due to its popularity and the beautiful appearance of a great smile. What many teens may not realize is that oral health is the number one consideration before any cosmetic dentistry procedure may be performed.   A proper daily dental hygiene regimen, including, tooth brushing, flossing and a proper diet, is vital.  In addition, teens are more likely to have other habits that need to be in check before cosmetic dentistry may be recommended to be performed, as follows.

Soda Drinking

Teeth whitening will diminish stains caused by soda drinking. Yet, the degree in which the stain will be diminished depends on how much soda the teen has been drinking. In addition, soda contains a large amount of sugars that erode tooth enamel (the glistening covering of your tooth) which may hamper tooth whitening results and may lead to tooth decay.  Instead, use a straw when drinking soda and limit use.


Smoking and chewing tobacco stains teeth, fosters bad breath, and increases the risk of periodontal disease (gum disease) and oral cancer. Tobacco stains are more difficult to whiten. For smoker’s stains, you may require dental bonding or dental veneers because the results of tooth whitening may not be satisfactory. Yet, dental veneers may not be advised until you are an adult because veneers are a permanent solution.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders, such as, bulimia and anorexia, play havoc on your teeth. The end result may be tooth enamel loss and the need for tooth restorations, such as, composite dental fillings and Cad Cam porcelain dental crowns.  There is no way to repair enamel loss.

Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding may surface in teen years, creating the risk for tooth fractures, tooth chips, uneven teeth, and tempromandibular disorder (TMJ). Dental bonding, CAD Cam dental crowns or root canals may be required if tooth grinding if it is not treated with a mouth guard. In fact, dental veneers are not an ideal procedure for a tooth grinder unless he or she is wearing a mouth guard while sleeping at night.

Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth are usually corrected with today’s braces. Today’s brace offer wonderful advantages when compared to traditional braces, including: shorter treatment times and clear braces for less visibility.

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