Sculpting New Gums

To the average person, sculpting new gums may appear to be the latest thing for modern day trend setters.  And indeed, it may be. Gingival sculpting is popular among baby boomers that have uneven or excessive gum tissue. Gingival sculpting is popular among teen and young adults for the same reasons. And why not? A dental treatment that helps to creates a beautiful smile and is also good for your oral health? Sounds good, when considering the alternative. The reasons for refining gums are numerous, including:

With the use a laser and possibly tools to reshape your underlying structures, gingival sculpting may be just what your dentist orders for your oral health. The procedure may be performed for a variety of oral health reasons, including:

About the Procedure

When gum sculpting is a minor procedure, you’ll be administered a local anesthetic to help ensure you do not experience discomfort during the procedure. Then, your gums can be reshaped with a laser in about an hour or so. In such cases, you will not require stitches and can resume most normal activities immediately following the procedure. For more complex cases, you will receive an aesthetic to ensure you do not have discomfort during the procedure. Then, your gums and bone may be reshaped to refine the appearance of your gums and to better preserve your oral health.  In all cases, healing is usually complete within a day or so.

Gingival sculpting can be a great way to refresh your smile for many years to come. The benefits of gingival sculpting are broad and wide. It’s simple, fast, safe and effective for renewing your appearance when faced with gums that need refinement.

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