Smile Makeover for the New You

Smile Makeover offers a brilliant, white, well aligned smile that can be appealing for many reasons. A change from aged tooth restorations is one reason why you may be interested in a Smile Makeover. Refreshing youthfulness is motivation for a Smile Makeover. A boost in self confidence that results from a Smile Makeover may be grounds for your decision to proceed with dental treatments that will make you over. The advantages of cosmetic dentistry treatments that are popular today may be incentive for a Smile Makeover. Check out the offers…

Tooth Whitening: To improve the color of stained or dulled teeth, tooth whitening is designed to provide the tooth color and shade that you’d like to have.

Bonding: To repair chipped, uneven and cracked teeth, consider bonding- a pain-free cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves painting a natural tooth color substance over the damaged area to protect the tooth and mask the damage.

Composite Dental Fillings: To replace silver amalgam dental fillings, take into account that tooth colored composite fillings are associated with less risk and are more pleasing to the eyes.

Dental Veneers: To repair crooked, overlapping or gapped teeth, investigate translucent dental veneers or orthodontics. Short teeth may be improved with veneers as well. Cosmetic dentistry can never be better than with veneers for those in need.

Dental Implants: To replace a missing tooth, look into dental implants that can be anchored for permanent replacement.

Inlays and Onlays: To repair tooth decay and prevent the need of a dental crown, you may be a candidate for a natural tooth colored inlay or onlay.

Metal Free Dental Crowns: To repair extensive tooth decay, consider metal free dental crowns that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Dental Bridges: To replace a missing tooth, the dental bridge is an alternative to a dental implant.

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery: To create more youthfulness with fuller lips and cheeks, explore oral maxillofacial surgery and dental veneers.

Smile Makeover Treatment Plan

Cosmetic dentists consider many factors when deciding on the treatment plan for a Smile Makeover. They consider the spacing between your teeth. Cosmetic dentists measure the length of your teeth as well as identify your tooth color and shade. They evaluate your smile line which provides a measurement for the appropriate length of your teeth.  It is all of these elements that help determine the appropriate treatment plan for your teeth. Following the evaluation, the Smile Makeover can usually be performed in one to two visits. The results are immediate. In fact, the beauty of a Smile Makeover lasts for a very long time. Touch up procedures may be required after ten to fifteen years, but people usually do not mind returning for a touch up because of the great number of benefits they receive from treatment.

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