Crevices, Cracks and Fractures

Anytime you’ve got a crack, crevice or fracture in your wall, you tend to address it right away. After all, a crack, crevice or fracture can compromise the stability of your home’s foundation and you don’t want the walls to fall down around you.

Just like your walls, your teeth can get cracks, crevices and fractures over time. In fact, some of these imperfections are not visible to the naked eye. Yet, these problems may be visible to your dentist who knows how to put your teeth under a microscope. Your dentist knows teeth better than anyone. Over the past decade, the dental community has created awareness about the importance of fixing these mini-cracks, crevices and fractures- which are just as important as the walls in your home.

Usually, such problems can be treated with dental bonding. Dental bonding involves the application of a resin material to fill in and protect the affected area of the tooth. Bonding is not known to produce pain. Treatment is typically very cost effective and the results can last a lifetime. Dental bonding is great for the small stuff. And it’s great to catch these types of problems early on before they get larger. Not to worry, larger crevices, cracks, and fractures can be treated too. In these cases, check out the following details:

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